Bank/Clinic Units

Are you thinking of expanding your market with new locations in another city?  If so you may be in need of a modular structure for your new location.  Missouri Equipment Leasing, Inc. can design, build, and deliver to your new site a modular building that will meet your specific needs.  Whether you need a new bank building or your opening a new clinic, we can help you design a modular building that will suit your specific needs.  By using modular units this cuts construction time by 40% compared to site built structures thus allowing you to open the new location sooner.  Generally the cost savings can be as much as half the cost or more for a site built structure.  You will also get the advantage of using the same modular in another location, when and if you decide to build a site built structure.  Our units may be dismantled and moved to another location at any time in the future.  This gives you the portability of moving the same unit to multiple locations as you expand your markets.  Whether your in need of a 14' x 60' unit or a multi-sectional unit we can design and build a unit that will meet most any requirement.  Do you have your own building design in mind?  We can work with your designer in planning and designing your modular unit to suit your specific need. 

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Credit Union Unit


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