Building Specifications

Missouri Equipment Leasing, Inc.

General Building Specifications

NEW Mobile Modular Classroom and Office Units


Type: Outrigger/cross member (basement frame) @ 8" o.c.

I-Beam: Under 60 long 10" Jr. I-Beam @ 991/2" spacing from center to center.  Over 60 long 12" Jr. I-Beam @ 991/2" spacing from center to center

Hitch: Detachable

Axles: 6000# capacity under slung

Paint: Asphalt based

Tires: 8 ply


Bottom Board: 0.40 Simplex nylon reinforced

Insulation: R-11 unfaced fiberglass batts

Joists: Transverse 2" x 6" #2 SYP @ 16" o.c.

Decking: 5/8" Tongue and groove plywood

Covering: 26 oz. commercial carpet. Color choices of blue, gray, or brown . Block tile or roll goods (linoleum) in designated areas.

Exterior walls:

Studs: 2" x 4" stud grade SPF or better @ 16" o.c.

Bottom plate: Single 2" x 4" #3 SYP or better

Top plate: Double 2" x 4" #3 SYP or better

Ceiling Height: 80"

Insulation: R-11 fiberglass batts with vapor barrier

Exterior finishes:

Siding: Prefinished Smart panel brand.  Color choice.  Vinyl and Metal siding available upon request on any new building.


Type: Gable truss with center peak. 2.5/12 pitch. 4 inch eaves and gable on each end of building. Asphalt shingles.

Trusses: 30 PFS, live load @ 16" o.c., P.E. certified.

Ceiling: 1/2" gypsum (class I) with blown vapor barrier and textured finish.

Insulation: R-19 fiberglass batt.

Sheathing: 1/2" plywood, minimum 24/0 APA span index rating.

Vents: 144 square inch roof mounted vents per code.

Frame ties: As required by Public Service Commission, installed on site.

Exterior windows and doors:

Doors: 36" x 80" Phillips #87 entrance door with panic hardware and closure.

Windows: 32" x 52" vertical slide, thermo pane, GAPCO manufacturer or equal.

Interior Walls:

Length: Per Print.

Studs: 2" x 4" stud grade SPF or better @ 16" o.c.

Bottom plate: Single 2" x 4" #3 SPF or better.

Top plate: Single 2" x 4" #3 SPF or better.

Ceiling height: 80".

Wall covering: 1/4" light birch paneling or 1/2" vinyl covered sheetrock. 5/16" gypsum (class I) in furnace room.

Interior doors: 36" x 80" hollow core.

Furnace doors: 20" x 80" full louvered furnace door.


Load center: (1) 200 amp, 240 V.A.C., single phase, 60 Hertz.

Wire: Minimum #12/2 with ground 90 C., Type NMB Romex.

Interior lights: 48" twin tube surface mounted fluorescents with diffusers.

Exterior lights:75 watt porch lights (weather proof) 1 per exit door.

Switches: 120 v. 15 amp single pole per print.

Receptacles: 120 v. 15 amp duplex receptacles 12 o.c. per N.E.C. code.

Exit signs: Lighted exit signs with battery back-up.

Outside receptacles: (1) Outside receptacle for heat tape.

Emergency Lights: (2) Emergency lights with battery back-up.


Coleman or equal, sized per model. Down flow type.  P.O.S. passive air exchange system installed.  The unit may contain an equivalent wall mount combination heat and air conditioning unit that would be sized per the model of the modular.  (Extended warranties must be purchased from the manufacturer of the unit. Information on how to do so should be included in warranty package information).

Restroom Facilities Handicapped Accessible (IF APPLICABLE):

Handicapped commodes.  Handicapped wall mount lavatories.  (1) wall mounted, handicap accessible 3 gallon size water cooler.  (1) Eemax 65 dual water heater with supply pipe being CPVC. ABS waste pipe.

Design Codes:

Our units contain a Third Party Inspection sticker and the Missouri Public Service Commission's (PSC) "Seal Of Approval".

All new buildings are built to current Missouri PSC design codes for commercial modular buildings.

Approvals, Inspections, and Seals:

Third party review, Third party inspection, Third party label, Missouri approval, Missouri label.

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